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    Meet the guitar maven behind the Kraven Experience

    Not every student of AR Rahmanai??i??s KM Conservatory gets to add touring with him on their rAi??sumAi?? shortly thereafter. But Assam-born Viki Sonar aka Kraven Stratfile is the exception to the rule. The guitarist, who opened for the legendary Jeff Loomis in Chennai earlier last December, rides one rad riff. Between the crowd going wild every time he hits the stage, and roping in projects with music directors like Vishal Chandrasekhar and Harris Jayaraj, this musician is one to watch out for in 2017.
    If you havenai??i??t caught this mad man on the strings in action, donai??i??t fret. Thereai??i??s a solo guitar project going down tonight. And youai??i??re invited. Ahead of the Kraven Experience, the musician opens up about sharing stage with his guitar hero Jeff Loomis, and exotic strings he hopes to experiment with this year.

    Lessons from AR Rahman
    Learning under him was a great experience. I started exploring music more deeply after I joined his institute.
    Also, my theoretical knowledge of music became strong after I joined there. For a musician, theoretical knowledge of music is very important, as well as practice.

    Opening for Jeff Loomis
    I saw a real guitar hero in front of my eyes, and opening for him was like a dream come true. He talked to me about fractal audio AX8 (effects processor) and why it is better than an analogue pedalboard. He was humble and full of knowledge, being in his presence itself was a great experience.

    First guitar memory
    The first time I picked up a guitar was in my school activity centre, when I was in Class V in Assam. But I started playing guitar seriously during my college days. I think I got more involved with the instrument because of my circle of friends.

    Custom gear and guitar mods Right now, Iai??i??d like to invest on AXE FX (preamp/effects processor) for better dynamics. And Iai??i??m planning to upgrade my guitar to the Ernie Ball Music Man JP 7.

    Experimental strings
    Iai??i??d like explore Oud & Kora, because of their microtonal sound.

    On his playlist
    Kiko Loureiro, Megadeth, Mr Big, Led Zeppelin, Plini, Periphery and Polyphia.

    2017 calendar
    Iai??i??m concentrating on my solo performances, and to tour different cities in India. I have lot of commercial and personal projects lined up for this year. Overall, this year looks promising. I have already started working with some of the best music directors in the city, and few releases will happen soon early this year.

    Guitar nickname
    The Devil.
    Catch the Kraven Experience tonight Ai??at Phoenix MarketCity, 7 pm onwards.

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