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    This session on user experiences has all you need to know

    Ladies that UX is hosting a talk titled Design for Big and Small. The session will talk about the importance of design culture in large-, as well as small-scale companies. Design culture is a term used to describe the manifestation of designers’ works and its consumption. The topics will range from the importance of design, to creating a whole experience.
    One of the speakers at the event is Sudhindra Venkateshamurthy, who is the chief design officer at IBM Interactive Experience. His talk will focus on the role of a designer, in-depth exploration of the definition of design culture and tips on how to create the right environment.
    “Design needs just the right environment to be really effective. It needs the right set of people exhibiting the right behaviour in a fearless setting. In effect, a design environment needs to be “designed” and, when done well, it has the power to not just attract new business and talent, but change the course of an organisation,” explains Venkateshamurthy.
    The other speaker is Aditi Kulkarni, an interaction designer who creates user experiences. She works at the startup, Postman, a streamlining app for developers. Kulkarni’s talk will be about product design for rapid growth in the startup environment. “I will bring in personal experiences like product design strategies that helped with Postman’s growth and what it’s like to be a designer at a quickly growing startup today,” she says.
    Ladies that UX promotes the participation of women in the user experience industry. “It is not that there is a lack of women, but we need to be taking up more leadership roles and that’s what we encourage,” says Veena Sonwalkar, the head of the Bengaluru chapter of Ladies that UX.
    Entry free. Tomorrow, 3 pm. At Social Offline, Church Street. Details: facebook.com/groups/ladiesthatuxblr
    — Anagha M


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