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    Kava brings back the old school charm of
    vendors and dhabas

    Walking down an old city street just isna��t the same anymore. Thelawallas have been replaced by mechanised pizzas and food vendors paved way for Indian snack QSRs. And while the flavours (sometimes) may remain the same, the packaging has become different and perhaps therea��s been a loss of charm. Recreating that old-world glory is Fairfield by Marriott with their street food festival.

    Aiming to represent as many ethnicities as possible you can start with beverages like ganne ka juice (sugarcane juice sqeezed in front of you) or goti soda, the quintessential summer drink which is fizzy orange or lemon soda. Then meander through the Chowpati-esque set up for pav bhaji and vada pav. Or opt for mirchi bhajjis, famous in hill stations like Mussoorie and Simla. a�?The idea was not just to highlight a particular placea��s cuisine but bring in flavours from across India. And instead of only favourites, we have tried to recreate what is authentic even if not known,a�? shares Vinayak Patnekar, operations manager.
    Representing the North East, youa��ll have the top favourite momos while the more unusual thupka also features. A Tibetan clear noodle soup, you 2205Food9Anchor3can throw in chunks of meat or have it as a veggie option. For those who love chaat, they plan to have a cyclical menu comprising aloo tikki, samosa chaat, raj kachori chaat, and raggda patice. Of course, pani puri will be on offer everyday!
    While you can take the Bangalorean out of Bangalore, you cannot take the Bangalore out of anyone! So there will be a live counter serving 99 varieties of dosa. A special paratha counter will whip up akki roti, malabar paratha, ragi mudde and chilla to serve as carbs to the otherwise snacky line-up.

    At Rajajinagar. Reservation required. Details: 49470020
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