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    Get in step with the newest high fashion shoe branda��Call It Spring

    KOOVS.COM introduces Supreme Being, a London-based label that features work by artistes who actively promote links between street culture, art, music and fashion. Graphics are a focal point of their clothing collections, through which they express themselves artistically, a good reason they refrain from following catwalk or mainstream trends. Their products are a result of their radical inspirationsa��endangered animals, self-expression and fulfillment of potential or racial equality. But they do keep track of street culture, and they often like to set their own trends too. a�?The guys behind Supreme Being are also DJs who play at very low key gigs in and around London, for those in the know,a�? reveals Emma Reed, head of buying at Koovs.com, adding, a�?They are primarily the brand of choice for DJs and artistes who do not want to wear what everybody else is wearing.a�?

    Supreme Being Bearwolf T-Shirt at KOOVS at Rs 2295 copyWhat to expect
    The tees come with words and graphics, that consumers can relate to. a�?The subject matter is as relevant in big Indian cities as it is in the rest of the country. The guys at Supreme Being appreciate the talented, the mighty, the strong, the fierce and the bold, but they still consider them to be equals, whether they are human or animal,a�? she explains.
    Colours range from deep blue, to slate grey with pops of vibrant hues, to balance the muted colour palette. Prints vary from the quirky, to the whimsical, interspersed with graphics, like a huge yellow jaw on black or a multi-hued swan on stark white.
    Apart from Supreme Being, for spring, look out for streetwear brand, AKA, festival T-shirts from Friend or Faux and Only & Sons, sister concern of womenswear brand Only.

    From Rs.2,295 onwards.
    Details: koovs.com

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