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From tangy pork to wholesome dim sums, Siam House offers authentic Thai cuisine

Quaint, compact and charming, Siam House is an unassuming little restaurant that takes food seriously.A�We started off with a bang with spicy Tom Yam Gai soup which was tangy and luckily didna��t have the overpowering taste of bamboo shoots. Khanom jeeb or Thai dimsum was next and we were thrilled with our interesting pick of chicken dimsum that came flavoured with cilantro and birds eye chilli. The Som Tam salad, with the slightly tart flavour green papaya, beautifully combined the flavours of red chilli, sour fish sauce and honey and had us eagerly waiting for the mains.

We opted for the Gai Be Taey chicken a�� delicious deep fried chicken in pandan leaves from the poultry sections. And although it was authentic, with moist chicken and subtle flavours, it was the sea food and pork dishes that took centre stage at this eatery. Garlic pepper prawns needed to be repeated a�� testament of their great taste, while the pad Thai chicken in chilli garlic basil had great flavour but was a bit soggy. Vegetarian options (phak) like vegetables in khafir lime and lemon grass have a nice zing to it too.

For pork lovers, their spare ribs and roast pork in chilli plum are a must try as the pork is soft, succulent and free of fat. House special hakka noodles is standard but comes with a fried egg on top. So, for something more exciting, have the noodles with burnt garlic, bok choi and tasty shiitake mushrooms. Adventurous eaters have a gander at their pineapple fried rice too!

Rs 600 upwards. At Kammanahalli. Details: 9945075999

a�� Aakanksha Devi