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    An online range of yoga wear combines high fashion and functionality

    Born out of a desire to make sure that yogis and yoginis were comfortable when practicing yoga, Amit Chand, Sivabalan, and Kshama Menon (all former co-workers at Lifestyle) realised that there was a gap in the Indian market and started Forever Yoga. a�?While I do practice yoga, I am no expert. Still, what stood out, especially when it came to women, was the fact that most of them did yoga in mena��s t-shirts or kurtis,a�? begins Chand. After quick research, the trio went about creating yoga apparel with a practical and aesthetic edge. Starting out with tops that would allow wearers to stretch without hampering movement, the emphasis is on comfort and not performance like other sports brands.
    So if you too have spent many minutes of your session holding your top instead of your position, these t-shirts, harem pants, dhotis and hoodies are for you. a�?We began with a trial run on experts and yoga trainers. Once they gave us the green signal, we went ahead with production,a�? Chand tells us.
    Combining fitness and fashion, their designs use currently on-trend digital prints to add colour while the silhouettes make them wearable even outside a yoga session. We love that the prints keep it as mellow with Buddha dominating the apparel and the lotus closely following. Other art includes scenes from mythology and sari-style borders on the dhotis. a�?Going forward, wea��re merging the functionality of performance wear by using easy wash fabric with in-built moisture management, anti-microbial features and skin-friendly texture to reduce chances of infections and allergy,a�? Chand shares. Plus, sizes from S to XXL to accommodate all shapes and sizes and a mena��s range to give women a run for their money. a�?While my current favourite is the knit dhoti, the next collection features harem pants but tweaked differently. We will also be adding joggers for men,a�? he says.
    The new collection launches in two weeks. `799 upwards on
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