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    Yoga wear comes to town with Sacred Lotus

    Roshen Amin started learning yoga when she was 11 years old under BKS Iyengar in Pune. Thirty years down the line, she has combined her love for the art and her penchant for luxe clothing by launching a line of luxury yogawear for serious yoga practitioners. After a stint online, she opens her first store in the city, in Cinnamon.

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    a�?When my children had grown-up and were leaving for college, I needed something productive to do,a�? begins Amin, who explored various options before this idea came to her. She teams up with the fair trade production unit at Auroville, Auromode, to make pants, tops, wraps, throws and skirts from natural stretch fabrics. Colours range from black and white to pops of blue, green, pink and purple, but the core principle here is comfort. a�?When it comes to yoga, and so much bending, stretching and hand-stands, the clothes must stay in place,a�? she says.

    Modesty is important in Sacred Lotus because of a promise Amin made to her mentor, BKS Iyengar, who helped her launch the brand. a�?He vetted all my designs and was very particular that they were appropriate,a�? says Amin. So thanks to her meticulous detailing, you can glide through your session without any pulls, tugs or adjustments.

    We loved the tiny hand-painted lotus motifs, thoughtfully placed and designed by Anyuta from Ukraine, that mark the merchandise in various colours and stages of bloom. a�?We wanted them to be subtle yet have character, just like a beautiful tattoo,a�? smiles Amin.
    Rs. 1,750 upwards.

    At Gangadhar Chetty Road. Details: 40913821

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