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    From pliA�s to piquA�, these stars can really rock the tutu

    These starry ladies in the spotlight, from Taylor Swift to Elle Fanning of Maleficient fame, didna��t get those never ending sexy legs by accident but by learning ballet. And a few macho men too, have taken up this graceful but demanding dance form. We give you the lowdown on Tinsel Towns ballerinas and ballerinos.

    Amy-ing high
    While she doesna��t exactly give off dainty vibes, especially after her roles in Man of Steel and American Hustle, Amy Adams is another dance class fan. Apparently, Adams got hooked when she started to take her four-year-old ballerina daughter, Aviana to lessons. Last November, Adams put her skills to good use when she graced the cover of Vogue USA, striking a ballet pose. She says it was a dream come true, as she wanted to be a ballerina when she was young, and had actually hoped it would be her profession, someday.

    Damme hea��s good
    Jean-Claude Van Damme is one of the worlda��s most famous action stars. Best known for his karate kicks and spot on the Belgian gymnastics team, Van Damme actually credits ballet for his agility. He started learning the dance when he was 16, apparently to help his fighting, and says that it was key to his success as it made him graceful and more flexible. a�?Ballet is an art, but ita��s also one of the most difficult sports. If you can survive a ballet workout, you can survive a workout in any other sport,a�? says the macho man from Brussels. It is no wonder he did the Volvo split with such poise and grace!

    To the Bat studio
    Long before he became billionaire Bruce Wayne, better known as
    Batman, Christian Bale began to take ballet lessons. While he doesna��t talk much about his love for the dance, some of his fight sequences do reflect his light-footed sense of positioning. If his sister is to be believed, then not only did Bale learn ballet, but was so good at it, that he was offered a place at the Royal Ballet School, one of the worlda��s greatest centres of classical ballet training in London. Perhaps that is why
    avid ballet fan, Tom Hardy, who played Bane in Chris Nolana��s Batman series, took the role opposite Bale!

    Oh Margot
    Margot Robbie is the latest in a string of celebrities to join the Ballet Bodies craze. Following in the footsteps of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Taylor Swift and Phoebe Tomkin, she only took to the dance form last year. Crediting Tomkin, made famous by TV series The Originals, for inspiring her, The Wolf of Wall Street (TWOWS) star used Instagram to show off her stunning photo, cheekily adding Tomkin too. a�?I can do it too @phoebejtonkin !! p.s. #andielovesmemore #toldmesoherself #mwahaha #stilllearninghowtohashtag #toofar?a�? she wrote, referring to the trainer Andie Hecker. Rumour has it that in the most talked about scene where she puts her leg on Leonardo Di Caprio, in TWOWS, her legs were lengthened on Photoshop. But with her history of dancing during her junior years at Somerset College, we hardly
    think they needed to enhance anything.

    Just Rosie
    Shea��s one of the worlda��s most famous models and ita��s no surprise Rosie Huntington-Whiteley looks picture perfect, even when shea��s working out. KnownA�for her long legs, this actor is often spotted at Ballet Bodies fitness studio working on her ballet body. Clearly quite impressive at it, shea��s even uploaded pictures of herself, upside down on a Pilates Cadillac machine, using only her arms and legs to balance herself. Last year, she posted images of herself working out writing: Thank you @balletbodies for keeping me strong!#body #pilates #ballet. Now if only we
    looked half as good, even when we are not upside down!


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