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    Sample the best of Asian and Mexican cuisine with Singkonga��s and Sanchosa�� special menu

    Taking the humble noodle up a notch is Singkong, to mark its first anniversary in Bangalore. Joining them is their Tex-Mex counterpart, Sanchos, who are celebrating turning one with a Mexican chilli and margarita festival. The special menus at both restaurants will be available until May 14 and May 31 respectively, giving diners ample time to try the decadent offerings.
    Craving a good Asian meal, we headed to Singkong to sample the exotic spread from their noodle festival. A personal favourite of chef Chettri, the slow poached chicken and egg noodles clear soup was what we started with. Subtle, clean flavours with a hint of burnt garlic and perfectly cooked chicken got us off to a promising start. This was followed by the BBQ pork and udon noodle soup, which was a pleasant assault on the senses. Mildly flavoured with ginger, the clear soup with slices of pork and steamed noodles was aromatic and slightly spicy a�� a perfect example of authentic Asian cuisine, healthy yet not skimping on taste. To go along with your meal, we recommend the refreshing Jasmine Mojito, which will help keep cool if things get a little too hot to handle.
    Mains had us tucking into a sampling of Char Kwe Teow prawn noodles and Kung Pao chicken with egg noodles. The prawns noodles, though a touch greasy, was everything we were looking for with a wonderful mix of flavours from the peanuts, soy and oyster sauce. The meaty, succulent prawns adds texture to the flat noodles and combines beautifully with the umami of the shiitake mushrooms. Kung Pao chicken was also delicious but the Char Kwe Teow stood out more in our books. We were also impressed with the vegetable pad Thai with tofu, ground peanut and Singapore noodles that comes with shiitake mushrooms, pokchoy, Chinese ca


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