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    French gypsy-jazz band, Beltuner, on their Indian debut, eclectic melodies and a 15-year- long career

    Take a walk through the cobbled streets of Paris, and youa��re bound to hear hints of canorous gypsy jazz and accordion music, from within its quaint cafA�s. But music enthusiasts in the country dona��t have to head to France to hear those signature bal musette (French dancehall) sounds. Beltuner, an internationally renowned band, who, for the past 15 years have remained at the forefront of the a�?Parisian cafA� musica�� scene, is about to make their Indian debut in the city (on April 20).

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    What makes this quartet a�� comprising artistes RenA� Sopa (accordion), Pascal Muller (guitar), Nicolas Pautras (double-bass) and MickaA�l Correia (drums) a�� unique, is their way of weaving modern world music, jazz, pop, rock and funk into traditional gypsy folk,Yiddish and melodic Balkanic compositions, during their energetic live-set. a�?Besides originals from our three artiste albums (including Tout Simplement), we will play some of the most representative songs from the French repertoire, like pieces of Django Reinhardt (Minor Swing) or songs from Serge Gainsbourg (La Javanaise),a�? shares bassist Pautras, adding that their appearance on musical compilations like Paris Cafe Music (2010) also helped to propel them into the global touring circuit. a�?After our comprehensive 18-day tour of India with gigs across eight states, we intend to beat the heat by heading to perform in the cool mountainous range of The Vosges in the French countryside,a�? he signs off.
    Free entry. On April 20. From 7.30 pm at Phoenix MarketCity. Details: 28279803

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