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    Gauri Manga Soi on Piroh and why beads make sense for both beaches and destination weddings

    For former legal journalist Gauri Manga Soi, her semi-precious and costume jewellery line, Piroh, was like coming home. a�?I was always drawn towards the arts but never had the guts to explore it on my own,a�? confesses the Delhi-based designer. Soi recalls how her mother and teachers would always catchher drawing as a child.

    Years later, after a chance encounter with some a�?funky beadsa�� and encouraged by her family, the 30-something sent her first order of necklaces to exhibitions in Delhi and Lucknow. a�?In the beginning I would go in search of beads and strings to all the remote markets in and around Delhi,a�? Soi says of her six-month-old venture which has gained a loyal fan-base in this brief time. Gauria��s passion for aesthetics and sense of colour has ensured that all of her creationsA� are a sell out. The strings aficionado (Piroh means a�?to string togethera��) believes that she has learnt a lot from her customers.

    Say it with beads
    a�?My clients range from the ages of 22 to 65 years. I realised that the older they get, the more pressure there is for you to leave an impression on them. a�? About the inception of her venture, Soi says, a�?I concentrated on making jewellery for beachwear and dresses. Lately, I have started designing artificial Kundan and Polki jewellery for destination weddings.a�? She says her summer a�?Neon Bursta�� collection was a hit. a�?I love working with beads (semi-precious gems like rose quartz, amethyst and tourmaline) but I also experiment with new materials such as pebbles.a�?A� Soi hopes to start an exclusive website soon.

    Earrings Rs 1,500 onwards; bangles Rs 250 onwards. Details: 09818 084393 and www.facebook.com/pages/Piroh-strings-of-magic-by-Gauri

    – Shibi Kumaramangalam



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