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    A Korean ensemble brings some old and new sounds to the city.

    Bringing to the city a unique music ensemble is You Kyung-Hwa and her troupe, the World Music Ensemble E-DO. They will be performing at the Phoenix MarketCity next week and, like many performers today, will blend traditional (Korean) music with contemporary sounds. Much of the groupa��s renditions hinge on Kyung-Hwa, who will be playing the janggu (hour-glass drum) and cheolhyeongeuma��an Korean iron-stringed zither, developed in the 1940s, that is rarely seen on stage now. But, thanks to the efforts of people like Kyung-Hwa, the stringed instrument that borrows elements from both the guitar and the geomungo (another kind of Korean zither) hasna��t become obsolete.
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    At the upcoming performance, presented by InKo Centre, Kyung-Hwa will be accompanied by other supporting artistes. a�?I will be joined by musicians from the JC Curve World Music Group, who will play bass, besides my troupe members Lee Kyung-Gu on the daegeum, soguem and handpan, and Jo Young-Deok on the acoustic guitar, plus some other percussion,a�? shares Kyung-Hwa, who adds that they have written two pieces specifically for the Chennai crowda��in collaboration with a pansori (epic chant, a Korean style of storytelling) master, Eo Youn-Koung. Some of the songs that they will be playing will include renditions like Bison (an introductory prayer), Bird of Oblivion, Road, Simchung, Brave Moonlight and others.

    On October 19, from 7.30 pm.
    At Phoenix MarketCity.
    Details: 24361224

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