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    Chitra Dasarathy debuts her dance performance Apara

    Rain clouds, silk, peacock feathers and the fluteai??i??these are the four elements that ai???connectai??i?? Bengaluru-based bharatanatyam dancer Chitra Chandrasekhar Dasarathy to Lord Krishna, the subject of her newest production, Apara, which sheai??i??s bringing to to the city for the first time. ai???Apara means unrivalled, and that is what Krishna is to meai??i??an unparalleled artiste, the ideal perfection that everyone strives for. Looking beyond the myths and stories, this production is an exposition of four objects associated with the Lord,ai??? she explains.

    The performance is composed of many individual pieces strung together, and will be rendered by Chitra, along with six students from her dance school, Ameya. ai???The core of the show remains the four elements which include neela megha (the dark raincloud) that gives Krishna his hue, peetambara (yellow silk) which represents companionship, mayil peeli (peacock feather) the crowning glory and murali (the flute) which the artiste in him plays. We will be looking at the ideas of form, colour and movement that emerge from Krishna,ai??? offers Chitra, the daughter of veteran dancers CV Chandrasekhar and Jaya.
    The hour-long show has (recorded) music composed by Praveen D Rao. The costumes were designed by Chitra. ai???There are elements and attachments that add texture. Special care has been given to the colour, drape and jewellery,ai??? she adds.

    February 18, 6.30 pm at Spaces. Entry free. Details: chitracdasarathy@gmail.com

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