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    An online gifting site makes celebrations easier

    With technology allowing you to schedule a text to be sent at midnight, life has become easy and you still are the ‘first person to wish me’. But putting that to shame, Giftingnation.com, considered the fastest growing gifting platform in India, has launched their midnight service, a unique and bespoke venture. According to founders, Srinivas and Swetha Mothey, the idea struck when they themselves were stuck with planning a midnight celebration. “We also started it because our patrons wrote to us asking for this service. Upon research, we realised there were several requests for gifting at the stroke of midnight,” shares Mothey.
    You’ll need to make an advance booking, giving them a minimum of three hours notice to put it together. “Be it cakes, flowers or any gifts, we will have it sent in three hours flat. Payments can be done online, too,” says Srinivas, adding that while they have over 500 styles of cakes on offer, some are off limits because of the time frame. “Flavours range from black forest, red  velvet, mango and chocolate truffle to cheesecakes. For midnight delivery of our elaborate theme and photo cakes, we need more notice than just three hours.”
    If cakes or fresh fragrant flowers are not your thing, Giftingnation’s recently-launched model automobiles will catch your fancy. From Ferraris and Rolls Royce Phantoms to ship-building kits and high-performance flying toys, this section is
    perfect for the men in your life. For ladies, we love their personalised bobble head collection, including girls on a beach, a flamenco dancer or, our personal favourite, Superwoman. Look out for the launch of Giftingnation’s new service, which will allow you to gift something in exactly 30 seconds, Mothey hints.

    Details: giftingnation.com

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