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Four songs debut in top positions with vocals dominating

Burnina�� Up
This song distinguishes itself from usual Jessie J songs with a smooth guitar solo in a typical 80s style. The crescendo is short-lived with her voice coming through in an uncharacteristic restrained form. But it builds to her usual powerhouse volumes. 2 Chainz brings in some space to the song which hasna��t quite reached our top ten though it debuted at a strong 29.
In Your Arms
The official follow-up to Am I Wrong, this song is as great an earworm as Nico & Vinza�� Always Promise. A far cry from what you expect EDM artistes to be, this number is the perfect blend of dance and pop. Guitar and vocals dominate the song initially but then it breaks into an upbeat tune which makes you want to dance wherever you are. Let the music uplift you at the 31st spot.
Love Me Harder
Ariana Grande continues to impress with her strong vocals and this love song emphasises it. In Love Me Harder, she collaborates with The Weeknd who doesna��t usually do all-out love songs but more dark tunes. But together with the upbeat influence of Grande and the more mellow additions from The Weeknd, the tune has some great Ra�?na��B vibes that is easy on the ear. It debuts at number 35.
I Bet My Life
Much more quiet and ballad-like, Imagine Dragons give fans more to swoon over. Staying true to their distinct bombastic beats, the song begins with a mid-tempo verse that builds in emotion and volume until a thumping chorus takes over. Dropping levels at the verses makes it a fantastic karaoke song too. Reminiscent of a Mumford & Sons song, it hits the charts at number 36.

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