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Veteran Warren Mendonsa and the Blackstratblues strum their way into town

COMING from a musically inclined family and mastering the guitar since age five, Warren Mendonsa, also a composer and producer par excellence, helped found Mumbai-based outfit Zero, before moving to New Zealand. He returned in 2006 to launch his own indie outfit, Blackstratblues and evolve a sound he describes as a�?mainly instrumental, with ambient, psychedelic and electronic in?uences, inspired by blues and classic rocka�?. We strike a chord with the musician before his gig this evening.

Your musical Gods.
The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Dungen, Michael Landau and Derek Trucks.

Memorable collaborations.
Karsh Kale, Emma Walter and Tajdar Junaid.

Bangalore set.
Plenty from the upcoming album The Universe Has a Strange Sense of Humour, some old favourites from the previous two, and maybe a Beatles cover or two!

Guitar hero.
My black 1997 Fender Strat, ita��s been to hell and back.

Top three guitarists.
Michael Landau, Jeff Beck andA�A�A� Derek Trucks.

Playlist favourite.
Therea��s A Place by The Beatles.

Favourite performance.
Wilco on the Sky Blue Sky tour, Auckland 2008. Best gig yet!

Out-of-body music experience.
When the sound is happening, the band is grooving and you feel like youa��re watching yourself play

9 pm. Rs. 720. At Opus, Palace Cross Road. Details: 9008303330

a��Susanna Chandy


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