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    Who knew that sets and stages could be such dangerous places? But our list of recently wounded soldiers will remind you of why stars are paid so much a�� most likely insurance!

    Against the wall
    While she is busy ruling the charts with her music, and making videos which go instantly viral, lady of the hour Taylor Swift too makes mistakes. While filming her acclaimed video for Bad Blood, starring celebrities such as Cara Delevigne, Cindy Crawford, Hayley Williams, Kendrick Lamar, Martha Hunt and Selena Gomez, she went straight through a wall. Naming the incident #stuntfail, Swift says that she forgot she had to keep running, and in the short clip, you can see her bursting through the make-believe wall. You can even hear the director yelling a�?Cuta�� because he thought the star may be injured.

    Being Beouf
    After his hand surgery in 2009, Shia LeBeouf has tried to keep his injuries to a minimum despite being in high-octane films such as Fury and Transformers. But just last week the actor again found himself in hospital with a head injury this time. Filming in North Dakota for the drama road film American Honey, the stunt which needed his co-star to push his head through a glass window went wrong. LeBeouf sustained a rather large laceration on his head and also his hand, and protocol meant that production stop and he be taken to hospital. He reportedly received 20
    stitches and about 10 staples to patch him up. Luckily, shooting stalled only for a day as the wounded soldier returned to location the following day.

    Drone attack
    Pop star Enrique Iglesias looked much like an extra on a horror film when his drone stunt on stage at Tijuana, Mexico, backfired. On tour for his Sex and Love tour, the hearthrob grabbed a drone above him to give the audience a Point of View shot a�� a stunt which is usually safe and quite common. But the rotors sliced his fingers and left the singer profusely bleeding. While he was advised to end the show, he insisted on being semi-treated backstage, and returned for another hour of his peppy music. Out of action for a while, he made light of the situation by posting pictures of his bloody hands and even drew a heart shape on his trademark white tee with the blood!

    Double agent
    Adding to his already existing list of injuries as James Bond, Daniel Craig had to have arthroscopic knee surgery when he was injured on the set of Sceptre. Filming in the Austrian alps, the actor was in the middle of a fight scene, which he didna��t want a stunt double to do. Unfortunately, his knee got the brunt of the sequence and he had to take off to have it fixed. Luckily it was during a scheduled break so didna��t stall production of the film scheduled to release later this year. Only a week after, he again had an accident when driving the charactera��s signature silver Aston Martin DB10. This was a mild head injury and saw him reach hospital in Rome, only to be released shortly after.

    Falling solo
    Star Wars: The Force Awakens has been a great source of excitement for fans of the sci-fi series. But for actor Harrison Ford who is reprising his role as Hans Solo, it is far from. Last year, Ford fractured a bone in his leg while filming when a hydraulic door (albeit it was iconic spaceship Millennium Falcona��s door) fell on him. Strangely though, director JJ Abrams reacted by stopping the cast and crew and asking them to a�?look at the moon and appreciate how beautiful it isa��.


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