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    Born from the tragedy of a�?having nothing to weara��, Zapyle is a dynamic mobile app started by Rashi Menda. With the idea of being a marketplace for pre-owned (or pre-loved, as Menda says) clothes and accessories, the application went live on July 14. a�?Ia��d look at my own closet with a collection of unopened, unworn clothes and shoes, and still find myself saying, a�?I have nothing to wear!a�� In fact, 20 per cent of our closets are never used,a�? Menda tells us, adding that she wants to change that. Zapylea��s mobile app allows users to take their closets online, one picture at a time, in an Instagram-like fashion. a�?So all you need to do is shoot a quick photo of what you dona��t wear too much, and in a second ita��s available for the world to see and buy,a�? explains the CEO.
    Targeted at the a�?selfie-takinga�� generation of women aged between 18 and 30, Menda hopes that they will upload selfies from the past where they were wearing the outfit because then theya��re not just selling an outfit, theya��re selling a story. a�?When you send another woman a pair of shoes you love, there is a connection,a�? says Menda. So be it trendy, boho, classic or outrA�, you can find apparel and accessories going from high-street brands like Zara and Forever New to luxe designers such as Prada, Louis Vuitton and Valentino. Prices will be discounted between 30 and 70 per cent.
    The first stage will allow customers to only purchase from the closets of Indiaa��s top 100 fashion influencers that have gained celebrity-status on social media. The second stage will allow everyone to sell their closets. A five-day period is given to decide whether you want to keep the item youa��ve bought. If youa��d like to be invited when the app is made public, register at zapyle.com
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