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    Discover micro cinema, connect with its makers, and get your reviews noticed on ShortFundly

    Since its inception in 2014, ShortFundly has been trying to be the YouTube, LinkedIn, IMDB, and Indiegogo of short films, all rolled into one. This essentially means it lets short filmmakers (998 at the moment) submit their works on the platform, connect with their peers, film critics, potential viewers and followers, garner feedback, as well as find ways to make it to leading film fests a�� five global, and nine national. One can also raise funds for their next production on the site, or find likeminded cinephiles to work on the next big idea.

    And, now ShortFundly has added yet another feature called Developer. This allows app developers access data about short films, from the number of views, ratings, expert and peer comments to the video clippings, from the website. You can retrieve data as nuanced as the ratings of a climax, as well camera and lighting of a film, where it was shot, details about costume, and even makeup.

    The idea behind opening up a short film media portal such as this to app makers is quite similar to Facebook Developers Platform. Selvam M, who set up ShortFundly with Maharajan P, explains, a�?By allowing developers to make third party apps about short films, or film events, we are expanding the market, visibility and opportunities for short filmmakers. These apps can also help filmmakers, distribution houses and organisers of film festivals understand how their work is being received, and they can tweak their creative process, or marketing strategies accordingly.a�? Truly, app is the new buzz word.
    To start using their API (Application Program Interface a�� a set of tools for building software applications), simply register on the site. Next, you will have access to the mine of information about short films, which is about 22,000-plus in number. These videos, each under 30 minutes, are available in English, Hindi, and regional languages including Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Bengali, among others. And all these films have to pass the quality test set by its admin.
    Selvam, who founded this video and editorial portal after witnessing the struggles of his short filmmaker friends, shares the immediate plans. a�?Since Developer platforma��s launch in January, we have been using the API to build our own mobile, and TV apps. We are also inviting other app makers to participate. Plans are also on to hold a hackathon to build apps on our platform.a�?
    Talking of the larger goal, he says, a�?Our vision is to build a community of short film audience, and provide an accessible market to filmmakers. We want to help filmmakers run crowdfunding campaigns, promote their films on a global level, turn them into short film celebrities, and be able to run an end-to-end digital short film festival event under our brand name.a�?
    Details: shortfundly.com
    a�� Barkha Kumari


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