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    The Baking Companya��s mix of desserts and quick bites keep it as natural as possible

    If you wish to brighten up a gloomy day, whata��s a better way than to get your hands on some delicious dessert? The Baking Company (TBC) presents you with an extensive range of cakes, bakes and finger food, which have all your needs covered.
    A small and cozy area, displaying the extensive range of desserts you can get your hands on, this place is a paradise for anybody with a sweet tooth. Sourcing its ingredients locally, its menu boasts an array of muffins, cupcakes, pastries, cookies, puffs, sandwiches, smoothies, and much more. Also geared towards the health conscious, TBC avoids preservatives, uses fruits as natural sweeteners in their bakes and honey instead of sugar in their juices.
    The Nibble Cookies, the size of a coin, are ideal for those sudden cravings. They come in three variations a�� Melting Moments, sprinkled with crunchy cornflakes, Chocochip cookies, with a generous inclusion of chocolate, and Shrewsburry, the famous cookies that go down perfectly with your coffee.Their signature dish, the Red Velvet cupcake with cream cheese frosting, was absolutely appetising. Soft, light and with just the right amount of sugar, it doesna��t leave you with an overdose of sweetness.
    For something a bit more wholesome, we suggest you treat your tastebuds to the Almond Raisin muffin. The crunchiness of almonds, with a touch of sweetness from raisins make this one a winner. If savoury is more in tune with your preferences, the scrumptious egg puff with its authenticity intact, will sure make you nostalgic. Relatively bland and delicately flavoured, the Chicken Cilantro, is a creamy sandwich stuffed with roasted chicken and fresh cilantro that gives you an instant hit of freshness, which is just what you need during the summer months.
    Wind things up, by swimming down paradise with the Banana Honey Smoothie a�� made from fresh bananas, ice cream and honey. It is a thick slurpy shake that can be a good grab on a hot day. It also works wonders as an instant energy shake for those who are constantly on the run.
    Rs 450 for two. At Orion East Mall, Banaswadi. Details: 9880405438
    a�� Ayesha Siddiqua


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