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    Promising both German and French treats,A�A� Stefan Mrosek, the new pastry chef at ITC Grand Chola is full of surprises.

    LAST weekend, ITC Grand Chola had a special Bee Sting cake on their Mothera��sA� Day menu. The classic German cake with a topping of caramelised almonds wasna��t the only unusual addition to the dessert buffet (also updated at the hotela��s multi-cuisine restaurant, Madras Pavilion). The clafoutis, a rustic French dessert where sweet cherries dot a pancake-like batter is seeing many converts. As is the German buttercream cake, frankfurter kranz. All of of these baked treats are courtesy the hotela��s fairly new pastry chef, Stefan Mrosek (he joined the hotel last November). Mrosek has made a few welcome changes at Nutmeg-The Gourmet Shop as well a�� you can ask for the flavoured chocolate mousse or other chocolate experiments at Cafe Mercara (where the desserts are available at present while Nutmeg is currently undergoing renovation).
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    Hailing from East Berlin (the fall of the Berlin Wall happened when he was working at his first job, as pastry cook and confectioner in the then Palast Der Republik a�� Palace of the Republic), Mrosek brings to the city about 30 years of experience and a passion for chocolate. So no surprises that ITCa��s new luxury chocolate brand, Fabelle, will be introduced here soon. Chocolate research is in full swing and the chef recalls a recent workshop in Bangalore held at ITC Gardenia, that was conducted by master chocolatier, Christophe Morel. It has resulted in sugar free pralines, in flavours like orange rind and nuts a�� besides decadent chocolate truffles and piedmont cakes.
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    When not pairing chocolate with Indian spices, Mrosek marries the smoky flavour of nutmeg with a creme brulee covered with raspberry chocolate mousse. a�?I also like to use anise with red wine and strawberry,a�? he shares. If you are partial to macaroons, do drop by. Mrosek is promoting the delicate French cookies, known for their airy centres and chewy crunch. And next month,A� when the blanket of heat we are enveloped in becomes unbearable, do drop in for a cuppa and something fresh from the oven.A� Mrosek promises tarts and pies.
    Dessert buffet at around Rs 900 per head. Details: 22200000

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