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    With a little support from enthusiasts across the city, Gowrishankar Siva hopes to eventually bring the pop culture event to Chennai

    It doesna��t matter whether youa��re a collector of limited-editions or just a fan of singular characters like Batman or the all-new female Thor. If you share a love for the world of comics and comic characters, Chennaia��s new Comic Con / Cos Players community on Facebook is great news for you. A month old and already 190 plus members strong, this group was born out of necessity. a�?At last yeara��s Bangalore Comic Con we heard that it might be coming to Chennai this year. But when that did not happen, we thought it was time to round up all the enthusiasts here,a�? says Gowrishankar Siva, the 26-year-old photographer and social worker, who started the page.
    While their primary idea is to build the community, and eventually approach Comic Con India to come to Chennai, the group is also about spreading awareness. For instance, they are already in the process of identifying people in the city who can help create the right costumes. a�?There are so many of them working in the movie industry. But they are not yet aware of the opportunities in designing costumes for events like Comic Con,a�? says Siva, whose next move is to organise the communitya��s first meet-up by the end of March to round up participants who will be attending the Bangalore Comic Con (April 3-5). a�?Once we start attending and participating as an activeA� community, we will be noticed,a�? he feels. And yes, they do hope to start with smaller city-based events too. But for more on that and the first meet-up for the Bangalore Comic Con where the Chennai community will make its presence felt (in costume, no less), join the Facebook page, now!
    Details: facebook.com/groups/ComicConChennai
    Ryan Peppin


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