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    From tailored jackets to neck scarves, trends to swear by for men. Cleocin 300 mg cost

    Would you choose the ultra-luxe tailoring of clothes crafted by Tom Ford or prefer the slim fit of a Hugo Boss shirt? Would you choose the impeccable style of a Brooks Brothers suit or the understated luxury of apparel by a fashion house like Ermenegildo Zegna? Or would you opt for fashionable pieces created by famous Indian designers like Rohit Bal, Rajesh Pratap Singh or Namrata G?

    Most men are not foxed by questions like these anymore, though there was a time, not very long ago, when fashion made no sense to them. Those were the days when men would don a pair of trousers and an ironed shirt, run a comb through their hair and declare themselves ai???dressed for the dayai??i??. They would scoff at fashion rules, ignore style advice and go to great lengths to prove that they were unfazed by changing trends.

    Not so, anymore. After many decades of careless dressing, men in our country are finally waking up to the fact that a good suit can speak louder than a thousand words and that a stylish ensemble can propel them swiftly towards success in the workplace. And once they were hooked to the changing trends of the fashion scene, they began to change their wardrobe every season, much to the delight of an entire menswear industry that began to thrive and flourish.

    When I spoke to Bengaluruai??i??s talented menswear designer, Namrata G about the hottest style trends for men, she reiterated the fact that most men are keeping abreast of the latest developments in fashion these days. ai???Men are super stylish nowadays and are always watching out for what is new,ai??? she says. ai???They seem to have decided that they will not be left behind in a society that is becoming increasingly fashion-conscious every season.ai???

    According to Namrata, there are some important trends that men should keep in mind for 2017. ai???The well-groomed beard is back in a big way,ai??? she begins. ai???Men should also wear shirts with prints like paisleys and florals. Brocade and printed jackets are hot now and those who want to wear Indian ensembles should opt for printed kurtas. Moccasins are back in style and it is trendy to wear shoes with no socks, even with suits.ai???
    The suit is no longer the baggy, moth-ridden attire of yesteryear that men pull out of their closets for a special occasion. Today, men buy suits every season. The new suits are structured, double breasted and sharply tailored to make you look slim and fabulous. These are paired with trousers that are ankle length and well crafted. ai???Suits with big checks are very trendy now,ai??? she adds. ai???The military look, that includes wearing lapels and large collars, is also quite popular.ai???

    As for colour, Namrata says that brown is going to be the hottest next year. Other colours that will be in vogue are yellow, plum, wine, red, orange and aqua blue. With her keen eye for fashion, Namrata can always spot a style error anywhere. The most common style mistakes include not coordinating the tie with the shirts or the jacket and using two different metals in one ensemble, like a silver buckle on the belt and a golden buckle on the shoe. The other trends that are poised to be big next year are just as exciting as the ones today, she adds. ai???Do you know that the pocket square that was so trendy in 2016 will be replaced by the neck scarf? There will be a more formal approach to the suit and the 70s looks will be back with a bang,ai??? she says.

    Above all, men should remember that it is the fit of a garment that will define the way they look every season. Always make sure that clothes are custom-made for you and add a touch of your own personality when you dress up. This is the best way to make a unique fashion statement and create a style signature.

    Asha Chowdary presents a column on whatai??i??s trending in the world of fashion. Write to her at ashchowdary@gmail.com


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