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    Put your vacation time to good use by volunteering


    Divya Gupta

    Divya Gupta, housewife
    I take care of spoken English at a school in Harrington Road. We usually give them a simple story to read and then ask questions. I teach both the Tamil and English medium kids. We have classes on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays. There is no qualification required to teach here. If you know English and are comfortable with children, it is more than enough.

    Sonali Shah Panjabi, businesswoman
    We do spoken English for classes six to nine. We break them down into six kids per volunteer where we ask them for answers with full sentences. We make them repeat the sentences three to four times so that they understand it. It becomes an interactive session. They also sing a song in English in the end. We teach at Tambaram, Chetpet, Mylapore and many other places in the city.


    Usha Krishnamurthy

    Usha Krishnamurthy, student at Tamil Nadu Open University
    I take yoga for children. These are kids who live in volatile environments and to provide them with a quiet environment is nice. Even repeating OM thrice is an effort to calm them down. There would be some volunteering activity which requires skills, but in the core sense, it is about willingness to take time out and teach children who require the help of NGOs.

    Meera Mehta, communication skills & training consultant
    I do communication skills for kids between the ages of 11 and 16. I teach them speaking skills, encourage them to get rid of their inhibitions and help them get comfortable with English. I send weekly course material to the volunteers and when we go in for the session, I brief the volunteers for half an hour. Sometimes, when volunteers are new or not comfortable with Tamil, they are paired with experienced ones so as to get the hang of it.

    Shivani Gupta, student at Womena��s Christian College
    We will be having a two-day workshop on theatre, dance and music. We are looking at the age group between eight and 12, because
    they seem to be the fastest at picking up and theya��re also involved in learning. We will be working in Chetpet, Adyar. It is not about having skills but about having the interest. If you can encourage the kids, I think that is what matters. If you are good at music
    and dance then, of course, it will add value to the workshop, but the interest is what matters.

    Details: chennaivolunteers.org, or call 9840182299

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