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From puppetry and golf training to Kalari and Kukuwa dance a�� childrena��s camps have it all covered this year

With the onset of summer comes holidays and plenty of spare time for junior. It is also the best time to get children to hone their sports and extra-curricular skills. From schools to golf clubs and kids activity centres, the city has several outfits providing options like a trek in the Nagarhole forest, to fish spotting and learning the age old art of Kalari. We take a look at the most interesting camps this year:

iReadA�A� Link: facebook.com/iReadCbe
? Ages: 5-9 ? Dates: April 8-18, April 20-30
This activity centre in Saibaba Colony is hosting theme-based activities everyday. Science experiments (featuring concepts like sink and float, magnetism), no flame cooking, table etiquette, storytelling and puppet-making, are some of the activities conducted by founder Bijithra Jagadesh. Also expect a field trip to a bakery and a nature walk, at the end of the camp. Register at Rs.3,000 per kid. Maximum of 15 kids per batch. From 10 am to 12.30 pm. Details: 8870944530

Orange SproutA� Link: facebook.com/OrangeSprout
? Ages: 2-10 ? Dates: April 13-May 22
For the budding fitness enthusiast, Orange Sprouta��s zumba classes are as good as they get. With Archana Nichani, a certified Zumba instructor teaching kids the basics, the camp will have fun activities like movie screenings, cooking workshops, science experiments and learning about underwater living creatures. From Rs.2,100 onwards per kid. Details: 9894460000

FootlooseA� Link: facebook.com/pages/Footloose-Edwins-Dance-School/348113178556149
? Ages: 4-15A� ? Dates: April 1-15, May 2-16
After Zumba and Bokwa dance forms, Edwin, the founder of Footloose presents Kukuwa, a South African dance form. a�?This is a jumpy form of dance,a�? smiles Edwin. The camp also has sessions on hip hop, flamingo and fitness exercises. Priced from Rs.1,250 onwards. Details: 9842222467

BookmarkA�A� Link: facebook.com/bookmarkfun
? Ages: 3-14 ? Dates: April 3-May 15
Tying up with Sporty Beans, for fitness and sports activities, Bookmark has a mix of reading, listening and outdoor activities planned. a�?While reading and story telling are important, we have brought in a variety of sports and fun activities too,a�? shares Lakshmiganth, the founder. Expect activities like wildlife photography (by city-based photographer Harishwara Venkat), clay modelling (by artist Sethu), folk dance (by dancer Chaitra) among others. From Rs.2,500 onwards per child. Details: 9095811777

CS AcademyA�A� Link: csacademy.in
? Ages: 6-17 ? Dates: April 19-25
Once again, CS Academy is bringing down coaches from Arsenal for their summer camp. The school offers three different packages a�� football and swimming, football and art/crafts, swimming and art/crafts. Swimming will see qualified trainers teaching different strokes like freestyle, breaststroke and butterfly strokes and their art sessions will teach children the different styles of drawing, painting and sketching. From Rs.2,000 onwards. Details: 8754012484

Frolic BooniesA�A�A� Link: frolicboonies.com/
? Ages: 8-16 ? Dates: April 26-May 12

? Activities: For children with a keen interest in nature, the camp by Frolic Boonies will feature three batches. Two batches will be taken to the Mudhumalai National Park, while the third batch will visit Nagarhole in Coorg. a�?Our trained councilors will be accompanying the kids,a�? shares B Niveditha, the organiser. Activities includeA� bird watching, maintaining a bug collection and fish identification, besides adventure activities like bamboo rafting. Register at Rs.14,500 per child. Thirty five children per batch. Details: 09448476888

Kovai HillsA� Link: kovaihillsgolf.golfgaga.com
? Ages: 6-18 ? Dates: May 1-31
Kovai Hills has organised tennis camps with coaches from Mahesh Bhupathia��s Tennis Academy in the past. This year however, they have chosen to put the spotlight on golf. a�?Our focus is to get children to pick up interest in golf. We will deal with the basics of the sport for three hours everyday,a�? shares Commander Sake Gangadhar, the director of golf at the club. Ilaya Raja, a certified coach from the Indian Golf Union, will be training the children. Register at Rs.5,000 (inclusive of transportation and breakfast). From 8 am to 11 am everyday. Details: 2904014

SPARRCA�A� Link: sparrcinstitute.com/sparrc-branches/sparrc-institute-coimbatore

? Ages: 6-12 ? Dates: April 20-30, May 1-11
The camp by the Sports Performance Assessment Rehabilitation Research Counseling Institute (SPARRC) begins with a fitness evaluation. It offers group exercises like Kalari, yoga and gymnastics, while there will also be football, volleyball and cricket training. a�?We have an in-house Kalari trainer, Dr Kannan Pugazhendi, who will be handling the sessions this year,a�? says Lalitha B, centre manager. There will also be posture classes and group exercises during the camp. At Rs.2,500 per child. Details: 9677123775

Photo BoysA�A� Link: facebook.com/photoboys.in
? Ages: 10+ ? Dates: April 15-30
Does your child spend hours clicking photos? Sign him/her up for the cam by Photo Boys, a city-based photography firm. It will focus on the basics of camera and photography a�� angles, lighting, composition techniques a�� and basic post production techniques too. The children will also be asked to make a portfolio of their own at the end of the camp. Register at Rs.4,500 per kid. Details: 9865619420

Perks SchoolA�A� Link: perksinstitutions.com
? Ages: 5+ ? Dates: April 1-June 2
Known for their swimming classes, Perks School is roping in certified coaches from the National Institute of Sports, to teach children different strokes and techniques involved in swimming. Register at Rs.2,100 per child. Details: 9566533217


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