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As the EDM scene moves closer home, two DJs talk to us about what they will offer at the fest

All set to get the party crowd to its shores, Chennai  has its first edition of Asia’s largest EDM extravaganza, Sunburn Reload, by Global Sound on June 14. Boasting a state-of-the-art setup with visual soundscapes, fireworks and laser graphics, the brand plans to bring with it its signature Goa touch, with a VIP lounge.   Headlining the festival is Canadian DJ and producer DJ Arnej, with Chennai-based Vijay Chawla and Ahmedabad-based Kash Trivedi playing sets as well.

305399_10151202399649639_21DJ Kash
Starting  out  as  a  resident  DJ at Ahmedabad’s Slang, Kash Trivedi’s work in progressive house has travelled across the country. “I plan to give Chennai a taste of my original work in a one-hour set,” he says. Trivedi has been an ardent fan of Chennai’s nightlife crowd ever since he played at Blend, but feels nothing can compare to the refreshing vibe of Shillong’s scene.
At VGP Resort, on June 14, from 4 pm onwards. From Rs. 1,500. Details: 28281000

DJ Vijay Chawla
Having played at various spots across the city since 2003, one can credit Chawla with the enthusiastic electronic music following in the city. “This is my second Sunburn show, and I’m ecstatic to see the brand recognising the Chennai fan-base,” shares Chawla. His favourite gig spot is Blend at Taj Club House, and he hopes to deliver four and a half hours of great music at Chennai’s first Sunburn edition.

—Divya Karthikeyan


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