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Turistas, Movies Now, 5 pm
Cast: Josh Duhamel, Melissa George (Horror)
While traveling on vacation through the country of Northeastern of Brazil by bus, Alex (Josh Duhamel ) with his friend and sister meet foreigners Pru Stagler and his group. When their bus meets with an accident, they follow a track through the woods and find a hidden beach. They decide to stay and party with the locals. When they wake up the next day they find all their belongings have been stolen. The entire filmwas shot in Brazil.

The Dust Factory, MGM, 9 pm
Cast: Hayden Panettiere, Ryan Kelley (Fantasy)
After his dad Ryan senior’s death in a truck accident, school boy Ryan Flynn (Ryan Kelley) becomes a recluse. One day, while roaming the countryside, Ryan falls off a bridge and finds himself transported to a strange fantasy world called The Dust Factory, where he encounters his Grandpa Randolph (Armin Mueller-Stahl) and a pretty girl named Melanie (Hayden Panettiere). It is a parallel universe for those who are on the brink of death. The movie is the first directorial credit for Eric Small, who also wrote the film’s screenplay.

Assault on Precinct 13, Zee Studio, 10.30 pm
Cast: Ethan Hawke, Laurence Fishburne (Action)
Notorious cop-killer and mobster, Marion Bishop (Laurence Fishburne), is unexpectedly brought into the precinct during a blizzard on New Year’s Eve, much to the dismay of police sergeant Jake Roenick (Ethan Hawke) whose police station is about to be shut down for good. Roenick has to rally cops and criminals to save themselves from a mob looking to kill Bishop who will testify against them. Mark Wahlberg was originally offered the role of Jake Roenick but turned it down.

Bhool Bhulaiya, UTV Movies, 4 pm
Cast: Akshay Kumar, Shiney Ahuja (Thriller)
Ignoring the advice of his family, Siddharth (Shiney Ahuja), a descendant of a yesteryear Maharaja and his wife, start living in the palatial home that is supposed to be haunted. When strange incidents take place in the house, and evidence suggests that one member of the family may be suffering from psychological problems, Siddharth asks his friend Dr Aditya (Akshay Kumar), a trained psychiatrist for help. It is the official remake of Malayalam film, Manichitrathazhu.


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