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Bodyguard (Action/Drama), Star Gold HD, 5 pm
Cast: Salman Khan, Kareena Kapoor
Sartaj Rana (Raj Babbar) is concerned for the safety of his daughter, Divya (Kapoor), a college student. So he hires Lovely Singh (Khan) as her personal bodyguard. However, she is annoyed by the fact that he follows her everywhere, and so decides to distract him by crank-calling him as a fictional woman called Chhaya. Lovely falls for the trick, and his mysterious caller. But her father, sensing there is something fishy between them, sends men to kill Lovely. Is it too late for Divya to tell her bodyguard the truth? After flops like Kyo Kii and Main Aur Mrs Khanna, this was Khana��s and Kapoora��s first blockbuster together.

Red (Action/Drama), HBO Hits, 9 pm
Cast: Bruce Willis, Helen Mirren
Retired black-ops CIA agent, Frank Moses (Willis), is nearly killed when his house is raided by assailants. Certain that his phone has been tapped, he first heads to the home of a pension officer whom he chats with occasionally, to warn her that she could be in danger because of her friendship with him. Next he contacts his old associates, and they find out that they are being targeted by vice president Robert Stanton (Julian McMahon), who is secretly eliminating agents who were involved in a mission back in 1981 in Guatemala, so as to bury the fact that he ordered the massacre of civilians. Can Moses survive this conspiracy? Meryl Streep was first considered for the role of Victoria, which later went to Mirren.


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