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    Flair bartending and distinct Asian flavours make this brunch tick

    High Ultra Lounge offers you a nice change of pace for Sunday Brunch, a portmanteauA�ofA�breakfastA�andA�lunch served on the rooftop of the 31st floor, World Trade Centre. The vibe is easy a�� buffet tables, set out against a sprawling open terrace with comfortable seating and loud music to keep the tempo up. The white wickerA� furniture scattered around encourages you to sprawl about comfortably. But that being said, try not to let your gaze linger on the fake greenery in an otherwise idyllic setting.

    Tipple time
    The young gregarious bartender from Dubai, who goes by the name Guru, has apparently aced quite a few competitions and will ensure that you try out his specials. We started with Moonlighting, a blend of vodka and ginger rose water, fruit based and topped with a dash of angostura bitters and elaborately garnished with edible silver beads nestling in a rose petal. Quite easy on the palate to start with. Then, we tried Walk the Talk, an interesting variation of a whisky sour. Guru even got very creative with a fruity mix of passion fruit, lychee, strawberry-flavoured vodka-based cocktail, which tasted quite heavenly with my incredibly sweet tooth.


    fooderTucking in
    We nibbled on dimsums, maki rolls and sushi. With a choice of chicken mince, corn and Chinese cabbage with mushroom momos which particularly hit the right taste notes a�� so much so that we practically made a meal of them.A�Their in-house chef from Beijing arrived to sit with us before we continued with bits of flattened chicken flavoured with soya and other Oriental spices, basa fish and grilled chicken winglets. On the side, we had a visually appealing platter of grilled mushrooms, sweet potato fries and skewered grilled corn smothered with butter. Although these were laid out invitingly onA�the buffet tables, they were obligingly brought over to those too lazy to help themselves. The mainsA� were served at each table. We enjoyed theA� flavourful garlic rice and the soya noodles. But then we also managed to put away a portion of plain steamedA�rice, a Thai red chicken curry and a delicious yellow vegetarian curry.

    After taking a bit of a breather, we did a quick survey of the desserts. Light, cream-filled choux pastry, drizzled with melted chocolate, tiny cups of orange creme brA�lA�e, soft gooey brownie squares and a variation of little date pancakes rounded off the meal nicely.

    Grand finale
    As we were about to leave, the famous 123 act at the bar started. 123 shot glassesA� balanced on the rims of larger glasses dropped like dominoes neatly into the large glass by the skillful bartender much to the amusement of the crowd.

    Rs.1,999++. At Brigade
    Gateway, Malleshwaram. Details: 45674567

    a�� Vani Reddy



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