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    Lincoln (Historical / Drama),
    Z Studio, 1 pm
    Cast: Daniel Day-Lewis,
    Sally Field
    This biographical film focusses on the life and time in office of President Abraham Lincoln. It zeroes in on the time when Civil War was ending in 1865 and there was a proposition to abolish slavery in America. It also deals with the Presidenta��s personal life. Director Steven Spielberg wanted details to be precise, so he borrowed Lincolna��s actual pocket watch from the Kentucky Historical Society. It is the watch the President carried on the day of his assassination.

    No Mana��s Land
    (Crime / Drama), MGM, 9 pm
    Cast: DB Sweeny, Charlie Sheen,
    Lara Harris
    Benjy Taylor (D B Sweeny) is a rookie cop who goes undercover to nab a gang of car thieves supposedly led by playboy Ted Varrick (Charlie Sheen). But Taylor gets in too deep and starts to like the life he has with the gang and the thrill of being a car thief. He soon becomes Varricka��s right-hand man and falls in love with his sister, Ann (Lara Harris). But his cover is threatened. Although he is uncredited in the film, this was Brad Pitta��s debuta��in a blink-and-miss role of a waiter.


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