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    Park Hyatta��s new brunch has a surprise factor. Plus, therea��s a shisha bar next door

    HE Flying Elephanta��s seven tiered seating plan is best experienced during Sunday brunch. Two separate parties for adults and an activity session for kids are underway, other families and solo diners come trooping in, and yet there is some semblance of privacy. As for the long treks to the open kitchens dotting the restaurant, let the activity tracker on your phone or wrist do the math. Collect your reward at the Patisserie. Ours is a satisfying slice of dark chocolate tart.
    PARK16Known for its festive spreads, The Flying Elephant has transformed its brunch into the Sunday Social. Besides the laidback feel, lovely Canadian crooner, Monia Lamarche, has a selection of easy numbers lined up, and the kitchens and counters have brand new street signs. On offer is everything from exhilaratingly spicy Thai curry to Eggs Benedict. There is the usual cold mezze, grilled lobster and sea bass, a shawarma station, biryani, kebabs and pizzas and solid offerings like tenderloin steak. Where they have attempted to mix up the brunch routine is with a Blind Bite section on the menu a�� where waiters make regular stops at the table with anything from a mushroom risotto, featuring plump Arborio rice, to a comforting Mee Goreng. A cheery chap offers tequila shots for the parched.
    At the lower level, the maki roll continues to be a crowd favourite, with wontons in a clear garlic broth playing a supporting role. Couscous is served with a lightly flavoured stew, while the campagna salumi bar has wafer thin slices of prosciutto a�� the salty nuances complementing ripe melon. Dessert sees crisp churros, baked yoghurt and assorted tarts. It is a well planned spread, and we expect the wait staff to be more conversant with the menu in a week or so. Meanwhile, if you plan to linger after your meal, drop by the Shisha bar that opens at 4 pm on weekends. Classic and experimental flavours, like paan-rasna are served by the lily pond. Ita��s a leisured reprieve minus the usual velvet sofas and dark interiors. Sunday Social, 12 pm to 3 pm, is priced at `2095,A� `3095 (with alcohol) and `5,000 (with Champagne). Details: 71771234

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