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    Leone on going nerdy for an upcoming role, challenging new scripts and plans for a production house.

    orn Karenjit Kaur Vohra, the Canadian Penthouse Pet of the Year 2003 is best known by her stage name, Sunny Leone. The 35-year-old former adult film star, who determinedly reinvented herself as a Bollywood actor, is ready with her next film. Mastizaade (releasing January 29) is her first film in a double role. She is trending at the moment for how she graciously handled her interviewer Bhupendra Chaubeya��s line of questioning on CNN IBN. I am left nothing but impressed by this forthright woman who has no qualms about her past, but is enjoying a present she could never have dreamed of.

    2What attracted you to Mastizaade?
    Milap Zaveri (director) said he wanted me to do the double roles of Laila and Lily. When I first read the script I really liked Lilya��s character. The double role was definitely something that attracted me to the film because everybody has seen me wear a bikini and be really sexy and do all these types of things, but to be able to play someone whoa��s a little clumsy and a little nerdy and not as glamorous as her sister was interesting.

    The filma��s promos have received polarized reactions: from millions of YouTube hits to those who are appalled by its crass humour and sexual jokes. How do you respond to this?
    The easiest response, which makes the most sense to me is, a�?just dona��t watch the filma��. Thata��s the nice thing about where we live: you have a choice to watch a movie like this or dona��t and this movie is for adults only. It is adult humour.

    Are you getting a variety of scripts or is there a tendency towards typecasting Sunny Leone?
    There have been a lot of films in the adult genre and some horror films, like Ragini MMS 2, but a couple of the next films Ia��m a part of are in a completely different space, and wea��re going to see how people like that. Is there sex appeal and glamour a�� all of that and above a�� yes, of course. But in the next couple of movies wea��ll find out if people like seeing me in a different way. One is called One Night Stand which obviously sounds like everything else, but ita��s not. Ita��s more on a serious tone of a movie. Therea��s Beimaan Love which is an underdog story about a young girla��s rise and fall and how she gets back up again. I have also set up my own production company with my husband and hopefully this year we will develop a story that I really want to work on.

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