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    Though light-weight, Za’s sunscreen provides strong protection against UVA and UVB rays. With vitamins C and E, it also helps diminish spots and acne marks, and minimises the appearance of melanin accumulation.


    Set up your defence against the harmful effects of UV radiation

    While we all know that protection from UVA and UVB rays is important, sunscreen recommendations keep changing thanks to constant research. Figuring out the correct SPF can be tricky, so we got experts to tell us how to maintain that glowing skin when on hoilday.
    Cover-up plan
    a�?Try getting a non-sticky formula,a�? suggests Dr Bhavini Lodaya, a Mumbai-based dermatologist and a consultant for Vichy. a�?While applying, make sure it forms an adequate layer on your facea��including the hairline and around the eyes and mouth,a�? adds Dr Maya Vedamurthy, dermatologist at RSV Skin Clinic.

    In all fairness
    a�?Make sure the sunscreen protects you from both UVA and UVB rays,a�? Vedamurthy continues, adding that the sun protection factor must be at least 30. a�?Those with fairer complexion should opt for a higher SPF, say 40 or 50, because their skin isna��t protected by melanin,a�? she adds. Lodaya also suggests going for paraben-free sunscreens, to reduce the chances of a skin irritation. a�?Or look for a hypo-allergic one,a�? she says.

    Round the clock
    Choose a water resistant sunscreen and reapply every two-three hours.A� According to Vedamurthy, your first application must be before 10 am and your last, before 4 pm. a�?Sunscreen should be applied even when indoors as UV rays filter in through windows,a�? adds Lodaya.

    Out and about
    Your diet can also help.a�?Supple-ments containing A,C and E act as antioxidants and protects from sun damage,a�? Vedamurthy says. She also says that those with field jobs should carry an umbrella for added protection. The experts sign off saying that sunscreen for hair is a marketing gimmick and a hat or a scarf should protect our hair and scalp.

    a��Sumitra Nair


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