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    Actor Idris Elba gives us a peek into detective series, Luther

    If gritty police drama is your kind of TV, then tune in to BBCa��s Luther. The show follows the life of murder detective John Luther working for the Serious Crime Unit in London. The role is played by Golden Globe-winning actor Idris Elba. Luther is a protector at heart, a super hero of sorts, and cana��t stand injustice. These qualities shine through his work, but unfortunately, he ends up being consumed by the darkness of the crimes he deals with. Elba, whoa��s remembered for his portrayal of Nelson Mandela in the 2013 film Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom, tells us about season 4 of Luther.
    What draws you to the part of Luther?
    Hea��s a very well written character. He offers lots of complexities that I can explore as an actor. Ita��s always a gift when youa��ve got a character like that.

    Why does Luther return to the police force in Season 4?
    Ita��s because he cana��t stay away from it for too long. Ultimately, hea��s a protector, and he wants to be able to fix what he can see other people wona��t be able to do.

    Tell us more about the dynamics between Luther and Martin Schenk.
    Detective superintendent Schenk, and Luther have a lot of respect for each other, as people, and as detectives. Schenk supports Luthera��s unorthodox style, although it goes against his moral fiber in some cases. And I think that Luther looks at Schenk almost like a father figure.

    What makes Luther so popular?
    Luther is a super hero, but an ordinary one. Therea��s a sense of reliability attached to him. The showa��s tonality is definitely escapism. I think thata��s the best kind of television you can get.

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