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    Fastrack to good health with Chia

    Chia seeds, originally from Latin America, are known for their immune boosting properties. Declared as the a�?super food of the momenta�? by the New York Times, they have entered the urban diet in a big way. The seeds posses healthy omega-3 fatty acids, usually found in fish, so are a vegan option for the supplement. The seeds are also a great source of vitamin B, thiamine and dietary minerals. Herea��s how you can get your Chia seed fix in the city.

    Fresh Pressery Cafe
    Started with the aim of promoting a wholesome lifestyle, the Fresh Pressery on Lavelle Road makes cold pressed juices for detox and juice diets. The Coconut Milk and Chia Seed Pudding from their healthy dessert section is sweetened with organic honey and served with fresh fruits a�� a great way to get started on a healthy diet.
    `200. At Lavelle Road.
    Details: 9886294364

    Foodhall at One MG Road Mall has a nutritious alternative for those tea time cravings. The supermarket stocks a hearty Banana and Chia Tea Cake. Aside from banana and chia seeds, the cake also packs in flax seeds, which are high in fibre, and almond milk a�� a good non-dairy protein source.
    `75. At MG Road. Details: 22086533

    Naturea��s Basket
    Yoga Bars are not just for yoga freaks. Unfortunately, most of us dona��t have time for breakfast these days.
    These bars are a perfect pick me up. Packed with nutrients and much needed vitamins, they are a great snack that you can munch while on the go.
    Choose the Nuts & Seeds Crunch variety to get a fibre kick. It has not only chia seeds but also almonds, oats, flax seeds and amaranth, that are blended with dates that act as a natural sweetener.
    `35. At Koramangala.
    Details: 41317401

    Taantraa was started in 2011 by home baker, Chaitali Raizada and specialises in gluten free and vegan bakes. You can order cakes and breads on her website (taantraa.in). The Goda��s Own Nuts & Seeds Bread is packed full of healthy ingredients. It is made with assorted seeds, including Chia, nuts, jaggery, oats, foxtail millet, sea salt and coconut oil.
    `570. Details: 9731244600

    JustPressed believes in raw,
    wholesome and natural products. Their Nuts & Seeds Trail Mix is a gluten free and vegan snacking option.
    The mix contains chia seeds, peanuts, walnuts, cashew, pumpkin and a host of other seeds that are sure to keep you full and healthy. With no added salt or sugar, this one is a treat for weight watchers.
    `299. Details: justpressed.in

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