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    Chennai’s Thjrru takes us behind the scenes of Krissh 3

    Filming Krrish 3 was challenging. In a normal film, everything happens with the situation and on location. But Krrish 3 is more a fantasy movie, so it has to be created and enhanced by the camera. The situation is mostly make-believe. The other big challenge was the location as it required a lot of imagination with lighting.

    Rakeshji had planned a shoot for 25 days. But I was about to finish it in 24 days! And for the first time in my life I was able to finish such a complicated shoot before schedule. You need a lot of skill for that.

    To work with Hrithik is a delight. But it’s unfortunate that no one can compete with his dedication. He comes to the set at 5 am, does his exercises, and is ready by 8.30 am to look at his shots. I really enjoyed his involvement.

    Bollywood needs to work on planning. That way, everything is planned and we won’t have any hiccups during the shoot.

    Krrish 3 is scheduled to release today.

    — as told to Neelima Menon


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