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    City-based author PC Balasubramanian tries his hands at fiction after two books on Rajinikanth

    AFTER two non-fiction books—Rajini’s Punchtantra and Grand Brand Rajini—Chennai-based author, P C Balasubramanian, shifts to fiction. His latest, Ready…Steady.. Exit, which was launched yesterday, is about two chartered accountants who build an accounting firm and become rich at a young age. With romance and intrigue thrown in for good measure, they come to a point where they might have to exit the game. A charted accountant himself, Balasubramanian deeply admires Rajinikanth and also credits his profession for his writing career.  “I wanted to tell a story, hence got into fiction. It is about writing something that you feel gives you the satisfaction — apart from the conviction — that whoever reads the book loves it,” the 50-year-old begins. Taking a year to write this book, the writer’s favourite Indian authors include Ravi Subramanian for his competence in thrillers around financial services industry, Hussain Zaidi for his narratives and Sujatha’s novels in Tamil that are racy and exciting. “I’m proud that Indian authors are now amongst the bestsellers in our country—a  place that used to be reserved only for foreign authors. With the growing acceptance and popularity of e-books, Indian writing is only going to travel further and in so many directions,” he says.
    The book is available at Starmark and is priced at Rs 120.
    Details: 64550262

    —Mrinalini Sundar


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