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    Online deliveries that save you a trip to the butchera��s

    Not everyone lives close to a wet market or department store, and for sometepping into a butchera��s shop is off putting. With the spate of new online meat deliveries, all one has to do is place an order, and the meat arrives, cleaned, fresh and ready to cook. So if youa��re planning a weekend barbecue, or have friends coming over, herea��s our pick of places for your seafood, poultry or red meat.
    While this website does not stock beef or pork, you can take your pick from exotic seafood. We spotted Stingray, False Pomfret, Butter Fish, Black Snapper, Octopus, Barracuda, Baby Sole and fish roe. Find it too tedious to eat whole crab, clam and oyster? Look no further as they even have extracted crab, clam and oyster meat that you can buy by the kilo. Also on the shelves are duck and quail apart from mutton and chicken. The website promises same day delivery, but youa��ll have to choose between two slots (7 am – 2 pm and 4 – 9.30 pm).
    `150 upwards. Details: freshtohome.com
    This store is perfect for those
    who prefer ready-to-cook pre-marinated cuts, think prawn pepper fry, chicken, paneer and fish tikka. Aside from the usual suspects (whole chicken, chicken breasts, thighs), they also have a selection of mutton products, from trotters to brain to ribs. The exotic meat section will have you choosing between whole rabbit, turkey, country chicken and duck. The meats, all fresh are delivered within the same day, provided orders are placed before 2 pm.
    `60 upwards. Details:
    With branches in Bannerghatta Road, Electronic City and Kadugodi, Boa��s Chef and Butcher currently only delivers within these areas. Take your pick from various cuts of chicken and lamb, seafood, and cold cuts. For exotic meats, choose from options such as emu, turkey, duck, rabbit and Japanese quail. Orders are delivered within 90 minutes but place your order by 5.30 pm, as delivery guys are off duty from 7 pm.
    `100 upwards. Details: chefandbutcher.in

    More an online grocery store, than one that specialises in meat, this one does however have a decent selection of seafood. Apart from the regular Seer, Prawns, Bhetki and others, they also have Scampi, Squid, and Dotted Crab. Also listed are whole duck and quail, and cuts of chicken and mutton. Your meat is usually delivered the next day, at a time slot specified by you.
    `100 upwards.
    Details: eztrolley.com
    Cleanliness and quality are two words that best describe Liciousa�� products. And while they offer everything from chicken cuts to lamb shanks to duck to quail to Atlantic salmon, ita��s their packaging and turnaround time that make them stand out. Their pre-marinated section has unusual gems like Chandramurghi (chicken chunks in Green chilli paste, black pepper, citrus and a secret spice) and Thalaivar talwars (lamb mince in garam masala, crafted into a�?swordsa��). You can also opt to order from their a�?Free Rangea�� section.
    `130 upwards.
    Details: licious.in
    a�� Rashmi
    Rajagopal Lobo


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