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    Culinary trails
    Chef Gordon Ramsay heads to India in Gordona��s Great Escape. It will showcase his search for distinct Indian flavours, starting in New Delhi through Kolkata, Kerala, the Northeast and ending in Mumbai. Watch as he tries his luck at bullock racing, hunting deer and assisting a master chef in Lucknow. Saturdays at 10 pm on TLC.

    Back in time
    Origins will set your curiosity straight. It will explore the origin of some of the most influential inventions including weapons and helicopters apart from the evolution of television and how change from execution by crucifixion to lethal injection came about. Premieres February 9. Weekdays
    at 10 pm on Discovery Science.

    Match of the day
    At the London Derbys, Aston Villa takes on leaders Chelsea in Villa Park. Despite Chelsea looking strong, they have been failing the past month. Across town, Arsenal travels to White Hart Lane to play hosts Tottenham. While Villa is hoping to escape the relegation zone, Arsenal and Tottenham are trying to get into the top five. Starts at 5.15 pm on Star Sports.


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