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    Isle of adventure
    Bear Grylls returns with his latest challenge a�� surviving a desert island. The Island With Bear Grylls sees ordinary men volunteer to head off with Grylls to an uninhabited Pacific island to fend for themselves for four weeks. Watch as they survive predators and strained relationships. Starts April 20, Mondays, 10 pm on Discovery Channel.

    Fiery kitchens
    Michelin-starred chef, Gordon Ramsay, cooks up a storm in the kitchen with 20 aspiring chefs in the latest season of Hella��s Kitchen. Divided into two teams, the contestants will be put through intense challenges and dinner services and be evaluated on their talent and attitude. Those who dona��t meet the acid-tongued chefa��s mark, will face elimination. Fridays at 9 pm on TLC

    Back in time
    Patrick Stewart returns as Professor X in X-Men Days of Future Past. The future seems bleak with Sentinels, exterminating mutants. So Wolverine (Hugh Jackman), goes back in time to alter the past. Promoting the film and helping real people turn superheros in their own way, actor Farhan Akhtar, has teamed up with Skrat to create a song Mutant Macha. Premieres April 19, at 1 pm and 9 pm on Star Movies.


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