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    Sky high
    Race for the Skies is a film that documents the building of a 57-storey skyscraper in China. And in Changsa, a city filled with tall buildings, this one may seem regular. Except it was built in exactly 19 days. In this special documentary by the BBC, you get an insight into the mind of Chinese millionaire, Zhang Yue, who is the owner of the building. June 13at 2.40 pm on BBC World

    Age no bar
    Betty White and her band of senior citizens are up to hilarious mischief in Off Their Rockers. Based on the format of Belgian show Benidorm Bastards, it sees the likes of White play tricks on the younger generation. Watch as unsuspecting youngsters fall for the perfectly executed pranks, captured by hidden camera. Starts June 15, weekdays at 10 pm on Comedy Central

    Back in time
    Heritage this week takes you on a tour of Champaner. A pre Mughal city, the Champaner Pavagadh Archeological park is a testimony to the ancient history and folk tales of the region. Sure to take you back in time, sit back and relax as you watch an interesting history lesson.
    Friday, 9.15 on Travel XP HD.


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