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    Back with a bang
    Kisna, produced by filmmaker Ketan Mehta, has a whole new season for kids. Children can now watch the latest adventures of the amusing young boy Kisna and his friends Radhika, Suddi, Ballu and Toto, as they battle the evil king Durjan and his accomplice Trikaal. Everyday at 2 pm and 6 pm on Discovery Kids.

    Dealing with crisisotbsnip2
    Top US government and military heads come together to prevent World War III from happening amidst the chaos of a geopolitical upheaval in the all new series The Brink. The first season focuses on a crisis in Pakistan. In each episode they deal with a new calamity. Starts June 21, Sundays at 9 pm on HBO Defined.

    Survival modeotbsnip3
    The mission in The Last Ship is to find a cure to stop a virus and save the world. A one-minute trailer was released recently, in which we see that many people have lost their lives due to a global pandemic, and someone is bent on destroying all attempts at finding the cure. Starts on June 21, Sundays at 9 pm on TNT.


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