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    Capital problems
    Catch season three and four of Scandal as
    Olivia Pope makes her return to
    Washington DC. Pope resurfaces in the17OTBSide1
    capital after spending two months on an
    island off the coast of Zanzibar with her former
    love interest Jake. But when the
    Presidenta��s son Jerry dies, things take a
    turn for the worse with Jake being arrested
    for the death. Weekdays at 9 pm on Z Cafe

    Clone battles
    After the surprise on last season of
    Orphan Black which revealed that Mark
    is a clone, and leader of the male Castor
    clone troop, the Leda sisters are in for a
    shock. Slowly though, both understand
    that theya��re chasing after the same end a��
    the original clone DNA. So Mark and
    clone Gracie pursue new leads only to
    find a strange connection between
    them. Saturdays at 11 pm, on AXN.

    Mind over matter
    Broken Minds is a new mystery series
    by Dr Reef Karim and seeks to explore theMolecular Thoughts
    most absurd human behaviour. From a
    man who has an illogical desire to
    amputate his own leg to a lady who truly
    believes she is dead, they will try to solve
    the mysteries of the mind. Sunday,
    at 9 pm on Discovery Channel.


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