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    Fixing issues
    Catch the fourth episode of Suits season
    five this Saturday. Harvey Specter, a
    respectful lawyer, is in a difficult situation
    when he faces his old rival, Travis Tanner.
    But Tanner claims that he is a changed
    man. Specter and Louis Litt (also a lawyer)
    had issues with each other. This episode
    shall see Jessica Pearson asking Louis to fix
    things with Harvey and patching them up.
    Tomorrow at 8 pm on Comedy Central.

    To the rescue
    In the finale episode of Wayward PInes, Dr
    Jenkins, who had introduced himself as
    David Pilcher, decides to turn off the electricity
    in Wayward Pines, after which US
    Secret Service Agent Ethan Burke and
    Agent Kate Hewson take the responsibility
    to make sure everyone is safe. But the shut
    down can have deadly repercussions. On
    July 23, at 9 pm on Fox

    A big bang
    In the latest episode of Hannibal, before22otbanchor (3)
    the entry of Red Dragon, there will be a
    showdown between Hannibal Lecter,
    Chiyoh, Will and Mason at Masona��s farm.
    In the previous episode, Hannibal was
    about to eat Willa��s brains stormed in.
    But in this one Mason will cook up a plan
    to make a meal out of Hannibal.
    On July 18 at 10 pm on NBC


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