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    3Teen drama
    Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan returns for season two on MTV and while some of the previous characters are not on the show any more, actor Yuvraj Thakur comes on in a lead role. This time around dona��t expect only fairytale romance but plenty of twists in the tale as the creators have decides to make many changes to keep the story fresh. Plus, therea��s a new man in protagonist Nandinia��s life. Airs from Monday to Thursday at 6.30 pm



    Life is beautiful
    Animal Planeta��s new show, Wonders of Life takes a look at natural history from the perspective of physics. Going into how a�?lifea�� came to be, the show details the fundamental laws that created stars, planets and other elements in the universe. Premieres on Monday. Weekdays at 8 pm

    4Tech secrets
    Elliot Anderson looks like just another senior network technician at a cyber security firm. But there is more than meets the eye with this man on Mr. Robot. A vigilante hacker who is setting into motion a revolution which is going to change the way we view the world and technology, he is mysterious and his ways of working with programming will leave you baffled. Premieres on September 19 at 9 pm on Colors Infinity


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