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    The poop task
    Episode nine of Renault MTV Roadies X4 will see contestants fighting it out during the immunity task. Far from usual, the task might just gross you out. You will see contestants getting smothered in elephant poop, along with their gang leaders Rannvijay Singh, Neha Dhupia, Karan Kundra, and Prince
    Narula. April 16, 7 pm on MTV

    Gripping start
    Catch the season premier of The Americans. The show, set in he Cold War follows the lives of Russian spies a�� Elizabeth Jennings (Keri Russell) and Phillip Jennings (Matthew Rhys). The beginning of the fourth season sees the couple receiving menacing threats after their daughter reveals their true identity to a pastor. April 18, 10 pm on Star
    World Premier HD

    Across the bridge
    Starring Diane Kruger and DemiA?n Bichir, The Bridge is a crime thriller that is set to air its first two seasons in India. Dealing with the tensions on the US- Mexico border, things start off with the death of an American judge known for her anti-immigration views. Sonya Cross (Kruger) teams up with her Mexican counterpart Marco Ruiz (Bichir), to get to the bottom of the mystery.
    April 20, 9 pm on FX and FX HD


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