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    Welcome to India
    Bollywood actor Anil Kapoor will appear in the finale of American animated comedy, Family Guy. The show follows the adventures of the Griffins, their children Meg, Chris and Stewie, and an anthromorphic dog, Brian. In this episode, Stewie and Brian travel to India in search Briana��s love interest, and they cross paths with Anil Kapoor, the star. Sunday, 11 pm on Star World Premiere HD.

    New buddy
    Catch That 70a��s Show tonight to find
    out who is Eric Formana��s new friend in school. In the beginning of episode 11, Forman finds out that his new lab
    partner, Buddy Morgan is super rich, and owns a fancy car. They become great
    friends soon. This does not go down well with Formana��s gang of old friends.
    Friday, 8.30 pm on FX.

    The hunting
    The first season of Emmy Award-winning horror drama series, Penny Dreadful, is back on screen, on Monday. It revolves around a series of bone-chilling murders rocking 19th century Britain. And clearly, Sir Malcolm Murray and Vanessa Ives sense something darker at play. They hire American sharp-shooter Ethan Chandler and Dr Victor Frankenstein to help in the investigations. Monday, 11 pm on AXN.


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