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    Japanese hello!
    Diversifying its portfolio, Netflix has released an original Japanese show, Hibana (Spark). Based on one of Japana��s most sought-after literary pieces, eponymously named Hibana, written by Naoki Matayoshi, it tells the story of two Manzai comedians. The more experienced artiste, Kamiya trains Hayashi Kento on the condition that the latter should write a biography on him. Available on Netflix.com

    Desert safari
    Find out about the dwindling population
    of desert lions in the ancient Namib desert around Africaa��s Skeleton Coast Park on the show, Vanishing Kings of Namib. Dr Philip Stander will follow the lives of an old lioness, her two daughters and five new male cubs, as they struggle to survive, fighting hunger, thirst, and a hostile environment. Friday, 10 pm on National Geographic

    Role call
    Loosely based on actor Mark Wahlberga��s own life as an up-and-coming star, Entourage revolves around the acting career of a young man, Vincent Chase.
    Every episode features one celebrity actor, filmmaker or sportsperson playing fictionalised versions of themselves. Wednesday, 8 pm on FX and FX HD


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