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    Life and death
    Second Chance is about a 75-year-old, morally corrupt sheriff, Jimmy Pritchard, who is killed during a robbery. His body is then resurrected by two tech genius twins as a much younger man. Despite the second chance, he finds himself being pulled by the temptations of his previous life. Friday, at 11 pm, on Star World Premiere

    Road to Rio
    Meet American athlete Aries Merritt A�in a special show, Sport Today Extra: Aries Merritt. After winning an Olympic gold in 2012, and a bronze medal at the World Championships three years later, a kidney disease slowed his career down. On the show, the BBC team gives us a glimpse A�of his training for the forthcoming A�Olympic Games. Saturday, 6 pm on BBC World News

    The pilgrimage
    Five Chinese Muslims undertake the most-awaited journey of their life on the show, The Chinese Hajj. The film captures their 2010 pilgrimage to Mecca, which was supported by the China Islamic Association. The Hajj, which is the largest pilgrimage in the world, is considered a religious duty for every able-bodied Muslim. July 6, at 10 pm, on National Geographic Channel


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