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    Defending faith
    If you love legal dramas, dona��t miss the season 13 premiere of Law and Order on Colors Infinity. The show, regarded the best in its genre, started in 1990. In this episode, suspense builds as a Muslim citizen of the US defends himself against murder charges of an academician who had questioned his religion and belief. Wednesday, 11 pm, on Colors Infinity.

    Puppet prank
    Life in Pieces is a sitcom about the Short family. In todaya��s episode, John, a retired airline pilot, makes a wooden puppet named Cheeto for
    baby Lark. But the puppet is used by the family members to scare and surprise each other. Tonight, 8.30 pm, on Star World and Star World HD.

    Beat the heat
    The Great Human Race show has contestants surviving nature like our early ancestors did. In the Thirst episode, contestants Bill Schindler and Cat Bigney are on a mission to locate dried riverbeds in the Arabian Desert and follow them to the seasonal monsoon area along the coast. But will they be able to overcome the heat and the sands? Tonight, at 10 pm, on National Geographic Channel.


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